Natural gas pipeline and valve
Crude oil transport - batching and pigs
Power generator
Natural gas liquids extraction plant
Electric power transmission lines
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Energy Business classroom training
Providing energy professionals with the tools to be successful in energy businesses since 1989
We present more than 40 beginning to advanced
courses, workshops, and advisory sessions
for energy professionals across all energy
segments on a broad variety of energy operations,
trading and marketing, pricing, technology, project
evaluation and regulatory & permitting issues.
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... professional education & training - since 1989 - at beginning to advanced levels
Graduates can receive a certificate of completion and any available continuing education credits.
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Crude Oils, Shale Oil, & Refined Products
Natural Gas, Shale Gas, Gas Liquids, LNG
Electric Power: Operations, Economics, Regulations, & Trading
Energy Marketing, Purchasing Trading, & Risk Management
Project & Capital Investment Evaluation & Real Options Analysis
Trade & Environmental Compliance
- Power Generation -
- Transmission Lines -
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